Industrial business zone  Brezina


Developed land

The land at IPC Brezina was developed by Brežice municipality in 2009 using only the top quality infrastructure.

Short procedures

Get a building permit in as much as 3 months.

High-quality environment hand in hand with nature

The green space around the zone functions as a stimulation for work.

Geostrategic position

The proximity of railroad connections, highways and the European road gateway, as well as the immediate vicinity of the Croatian capital Zagreb offer unlimited possibilities of development and business connections to SE Europe.

Competitive prices

On your request we will provide a fair offer for acquiring or hiring an appropriate object.

Posavje energy pool

The nearby area will soon become home to Brežice and Mokrice hydroelectric power plants, 2nd utility of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant, and other projects..


Download documentation for the industrial business zone Brezina

Tehnične informacije

Basic zone characteristics:

Area (ha) 417000 m2
Zone occupancy 25 %
Distance to highway 5 km
Distance to railway station 300 m
Distance to industrial siding 300 m
Connection to gas YES
Connection to water supply YES (DN150)
Connection to sewage system YES

Brezina industrial zone is designed for following industries and activities:

  • Crafts
  • Warehousing
  • Educational activities
  • non food merchandise
  • catering program without overnight stays
  • pubs, bars
  • buildings for short-term accommodation
  • buildings for culture and entertainment
  • sports halls
  • stores
  • exhibition spaces within commercial or business premises
  • buildings for scientific and research work