Cerklje ob Krki airport development and construction of a civil airport. Development of industrial-business-logistical areas in the vicinity of Cerklje airport.



To set up one of the main development centers in this part of Europe by constructing business zones and using existing transport routes.


The region has set its priorities high on logistics, energy and tourism. In order to achieve the desired goals in these areas, the level of education needs to be raised. For this reason, Faculty of Logistics and Faculty of Energy have been established in Krško, while Brežice got a Faculty of Tourism. This region is also home to several export-focused and highly technically and technologically developed companies. The construction of a logistics center for Slovenske železnice is planned in the future, as well as development of processing and after-treatment industries in cooperation with foreign partners, and Slovenian, Italian and French railroad operators. This way, Posavje region has already set its path to a comprehensive technological infrastructure platform, which includes a technological park, regional networking entrepreneur incubators, a connection of highly technological manufacturing and servicing companies, as well as a large business-industrial-logistical zone to attract investments.


Feniks represents a chance to create 2000 new high-quality jobs in the region. Posavje economic, developmental and logistical center will serve as a bridge between the EU and Southeastern Europe – a gateway to Asia. As such, the center will be the most important indicator of the development in this part of Slovenia, but it will also serve as a means to use all the advantages of the region and enable its further development. This way, the center would have a potentially large impact on the identity of Slovenia as fast paced, rich in knowledge, technically and technologically proactive, and at the same time kind and hospitable.


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